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Personal Injury Case Involving McDonald’s is Settled

July 12, 2016 General


A personal injury lawsuit alleging injury in a slip and fall at the restaurant chain’s Ardmore store has finally been settled, according to court records. Court officials thought the case had been resolved months ago, but challenges arose when McDonald’s balked at signing the settlement agreement.

In his complaint, plaintiff Richard Solomon alleged that he was a customer at the burger joint on July 30, 2013, when he slipped and fell on a slippery substance on the floor. Solomon alleged that he suffered significant injuries, and accused the operators of the restaurant of negligence, saying they knew or should have known of the conditions that led to his injury.

In March, 2016, it appeared that Solomon had come to an agreement to accept $48,500 in settlement of all claims against Tanway Enterprises, L.P, the owner of the local franchise. However, the defendants refused to send the settlement agreement to Solomon or to make any payments on the agreed-upon settlement until Solomon provided them with a “no-pay” or final demand letter from Medicare. Tanway’s attorneys say they wanted to make certain they were not paying for something that would be covered by Medicare.

Solomon’s attorneys provided documentation that Solomon was not eligible for Medicare at the time of the accident, but the defendants still refused to comply with the settlement agreement. Alexander Kroupa, Solomon’s attorney, then filed a motion to compel McDonalds to honor the agreement. The defendant has since agreed and the motion was withdrawn.

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