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Municipal Law

When it comes to legal representation, emphasis is often given to complex issues involving state and federal law. However, most business owners understand that local issues can be just as important. Legal challenges at the local level can derail your business and ultimately cost you a significant amount of time and money.

As a result, you need a law firm that can represent you at every level, including issues involving municipal law. We can help navigate the complexities of municipal law quickly and in a cost-effective manner.

Where We Can Help

We have deep experience in helping clients in a broad range of municipal matters, including the following: 

  • Land use and zoning matters
  • Business licensing issues
  • Code enforcement actions
  • Building and fire code compliance 
  • Local taxation issues

No matter what issue you are facing, we can help you find the clarity you need so that you can move forward.

How We Can Help

We provide 360-degree representation to our clients when it comes to municipal matters: 

  • Seasoned guidance. We help you understand the law, how it applies to you, and what you need to do in order to avoid administrative challenges. We can help you navigate the complexities of municipal licensing and registration processes. 
  • Hearings. We represent clients in administrative hearings at every level. Our municipal lawyers understand the importance of these hearings and what it takes to get a successful result. 
  • Responding to enforcement actions. Many people are unaware that they are in violation of municipal law until they have been cited with a violation. We can help you resolve the violation quickly and with minimal disruption to your business. 
  • Litigation. While a quick and amicable resolution is always preferable, sometimes you have no choice but to go to litigation. Leveraging our experience as aggressive litigators, our team of municipal law attorneys can help you get the results you need whether you are the plaintiff or the defendant. 

Effective representation goes beyond simply understanding the requirements of municipal law – it also involves understanding the municipality’s unique culture. We get results because we work to understand the goals and values of whatever municipality you are in. 

Cost-Effective Representation

As business owners ourselves, we understand that every problem represents a potential cost. Saving costs in the short-term can cost you long-term opportunities. On the other hand, burdensome up-front costs can wipe out the value of the results you need. We help clients weigh the costs and benefits of their potential issue, identify and prioritize their goals, and then develop a legal strategy that meets their needs without sacrificing your bottom line. 

Contact Barnard, Mezzanotte, Pinnie, Seelaus, LLP

Don’t underestimate the impact municipal law can have on your business. With deep roots in the business community, we can help whether you are facing an enforcement action or simply need to understand how the law applies. To schedule a consultation, contact us today to learn more. We work with clients throughout Pennsylvania and Delaware from our offices in Media and Wilmington.