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Probate & Estate Administration

Pennsylvania Probate Attorney

Probate can be a very simple process with limited complications if handled by an experienced lawyer. We have significant experience in the probate process and can protect your rights and assist you in the efficient administration of the estate.

We offer strategic advocacy in estate planning, administration, and probate to protect the rights and interests of our clients. Contact us for more information about the probate process or if you are interested in estate planning.

Our estate administration lawyers are experienced in the orderly succession of clients’ estates following the submission of your will into probate. We also handle appropriate state and federal tax forms and returns and assist in the division of assets.

Our attorneys are experienced in all aspects of estate administration and probate including:

  • Asset distribution
  • Pay off of creditors
  • Federal inheritance taxes
  • State inheritance taxes
  • Estate administration: willstrustsliving wills

Estate planning to avoid probate

Many people are interested in estate planning strategies, such as creating a trust, in order to avoid probate. But while creating a trust can help you avoid probate, it will usually have limited inheritance tax benefits. Many people believe that it is best to “avoid probate,” but with experienced and sound counsel, the process should not be very complicated or time consuming and you can take advantage of tax planning tools that will preserve greater wealth for your family and friends.

Will contests and probate

If you are entering into probate and are facing a Will dispute, our attorneys can protect your rights and interests in estate litigation and will contests. We are experienced in handling will disputes involving mental incapacity, trustee misconduct, fraud or duress, or last-minute will changes.