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Create a Last Will and Testament Attorney

There are various tools available for your estate planning needs, including the preparation of wills and trusts. We offer strategic counsel in the creation of wills and trusts for individuals, families and business owners. To schedule your consultation with an attorney at our law firm, contact us. We offer off-site, evening and weekend appointments for the convenience of our clients.

Pennsylvania wills protect your assets

A last will and testament is a legal document that will take effect at the time of death, providing instructions about who should be designated as the executor of your estate, how assets should be distributed, and who you want to be the guardian of your minor children.  We talk about selecting an executor you have confidence in so that you can trust in how your estate and assets are managed.

We know the estate planning laws of Pennsylvania and the federal laws and more importantly, we understand how the law can be used to your advantage.  We offer strategic estate planning and estate administration counsel to address all of your concerns.  We are experienced in the creation of wills, including:

Why should I prepare a will?

There are three main reasons that drafting a will is important to your future:

  • First, wills are an extremely important estate-planning future.  Having a properly executed will protects your assets and directs your family how you wish your assets to be distributed.
  • Second, wills allow you take advantage of important tax shelter opportunities that can minimize your state and federal tax exposure.  That means that creating a will today can also act as a tool to save you money today.
  • Third, wills can be drafted to provide for important trusts, such as credit-shelter trusts, marital trusts and special needs trusts that efficiently allow for the distribution of assets.  All of which can be critical in planning for your future.