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Living Wills

Pennsylvania State Living Wills Attorney

Taking appropriate legal action to plan for your future care and medical needs is important to protect your intentions and prevent your family from making difficult decisions should you become incapacitated. It can also prevent your family from entering into legal disputes over your medical care. We offer experienced and strategic legal counseling to help our clients in the creation of living wills or powers of attorney.

Our attorneys will help you and your family devise a legal plan for your future care or needs should you become incapacitated. Contact us for more information about living wills and powers of attorney.

A living will is a critical document that allows individuals to make determinations about health care should they become incapacitated. It is important to create a living will when you are well and thinking clearly. Our attorneys will take the time to review your options and alternatives in the creation of a will and help you understand the legal ramifications of your choices. We will allow you to take the time to reflect and discuss your options to ensure that you are making the best decisions for you and your family.

Our firm is experienced in:

Living wills mandated by hospitals and health care providers

A hospital may also require you to create a living will when you are involved in any type of medical procedure. If you are facing a serious medical procedure or you have recently been required to create a living will, our attorneys can assist you in developing a living will that suits your needs.

The decision to create a living will

A living will may address complicated issues, including whether you want a breathing tube or feeding tube should you become incapacitated. It is important to understand your rights as well as medical implications for your decisions. By making important legal decisions now, you can prevent future family disputes or others making unwanted decisions for you.

Creating a health care power of attorney

The health care power of attorney allows you to designate another person to make important health care decisions on your behalf. In instances where you are incapacitated, it allows another person to consult with a doctor and make complex decisions regarding your care. A health care power of attorney also allows you to designate a caretaker or fiduciary should you become disabled or incapacitated.