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The Pennsylvania Motorcycle Safety Program

December 7, 2015 General

motorcycle injuries and fatalitieMotorcycleThough motorcycle injuries and fatalities have mostly declined in the last 30 years, there were still more than 4,300 deaths involving motorcyclists in 2013. For decades, the state of Pennsylvania has been at the forefront of motorcycle safety, recently celebrating the 30th anniversary of the state’s Motorcycle Safety Program(MSP). Whether you are just learning to ride, are an experienced rider, or have taken some time off from your bike, the MSP can help you minimize the risk of injury.

The Pennsylvania Motorcycle Safety Program—An Overview

The Motorcycle Safety Program seeks to instill in riders of all ages and skill levels the tools to reduce risk of injury on a bike. The curriculum includes four specific skill levels: beginner, intermediate, three-wheeled and advanced riding skills. In addition, if you are under the age of 18, you must complete the Motorcycle Safety Program before you can legally ride a bike. Furthermore, before you can even test to obtain a motorcycle license, you must carry a motorcycle learner’s permit for 180 days, and you must log a minimum of 65 supervised hours on a motorcycle.

The state of Pennsylvania conducts the Motorcycle Safety Program on a regular basis, but only between March and the end of October.
Recently, the MSP introduced a new course for experienced riders, focused primarily on the needs of people who were previously serious riders, but who have let their skills diminish over time. Research has shown that these riders are often more likely to have an accident because they assume they’ll have the same skills they had years ago.

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