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The Most Dangerous Accidents on a Construction Site

January 17, 2018 General

The Most Dangerous Accidents on a Construction Site

There’s just no way around it—a construction site is a dangerous place to work, maybe the most precarious in the world. Unfortunately, because of a number of factors, many of the injuries sustained on a construction job are serious or even fatal. In 2015, nearly 1,000 workers were killed on a residential or commercial construction site. Statistics show that four kind of accidents account for about two-thirds of all construction site fatalities.

Falls from Heights

Whether it’s a high rise apartment or a single story home, it still involves scaling some height. Even a fall from 10 feet can be fatal under the right circumstances. According to studies, more than a third of all construction site result from falls from heights. This includes falls caused by:

  • The absence of guard rails or barriers, or the failure to maintain construction barriers
  • Negligence in the construction, erection, maintenance, use or assembly of a ladder or scaffold
  • Careless use of buckets, cranes and other equipment

Contact with Electrical Current

About one in every ten fatalities occur when a worker makes contact with live electrical current. Often, it’s loose wiring, but contact with overhead wires is also a leading cause of death.

Caught-Between Accidents

Construction sites have building materials, heavy equipment, barriers and other structures that can trap workers, causing crushing deaths.

Falling Objects

The same things that can cause caught-between accidents can also kill a worker when they fall from an upper level. A little less than one of every ten deaths on a construction site are caused by falling objects.

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