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Dog Bite and Personal Injury Legal Assistance and Information in Pennsylvania

July 8, 2014 General

Helping You Understand Your Rights and Recover Compensation Following a Dog Attack

Barking German Shepard dogMost individuals who are attacked by a dog are unsure of what steps to take next. Two important steps are seeking medical attention and contacting an attorney.

A doctor or other medical provider can provide medical care that may include reparative surgery and psychological care. A lawyer can provide assistance in what may prove to be a challenging legal case.

Dog attack cases can be challenging because, in Pennsylvania, dog owners are not held to “strict liability” as they are in some other states. Strict liability holds a party legally responsible for damages regardless of other circumstances. The law permits a victim to recover full compensation if the dog previously bit another person without justification or an indicated tendency to do so.

If the dog has never bitten before, this state’s dog bite law offers two different remedies, depending upon the degree of injury. Injuries are classified as either severe or non-severe. (A “severe injury” being defined as “any physical injury that results in broken bones or disfiguring lacerations requiring multiple sutures or cosmetic surgery.” [The Dog Law, sec. 102.])

A severely injured victim can make a claim against the dog owner for medical expenses and all other losses and legal damages. The victim has to prove that the dog inflicted severe injury on him without provocation. It does not matter whether the dog previously had a biting incident prior to the current claim.

A non-severely injured victim can make a claim against the dog owner, but only to recoup medical expenses. The victim only has to prove that the defendant was in fact the owner of the dog.

Our Personal Injury Practice

The personal injury lawyers at can provide the legal assistance needed to pursue a successful claim. We have handled numerous dog bite cases and can conduct an investigation that answers key questions, including:

  • Has a previous attack occurred?
  • Do witnesses exist who can testify that the dog owner was aware of the danger his or her dog posed to the public?
  • What is the actual value of the claim?
  • What insurance coverage applies in the case?
  • Do certain local laws governing the handling of different dog breeds apply to the case?

We have an extensive history of handling dog attack claims in the Delaware County area, leading to high-value results for our clients.

Our attorneys offer compassionate, strategic support to ensure that your family is taken care of and that you receive the compensation you need and deserve.

Contact Barnard, Mezzanotte, Pinnie & Seelaus, LLP for a consultation with an experienced Delaware County, Pennsylvania and Delaware State personal injury lawyer. Our firm has offered a tradition of service to personal and business clients since 1980.

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