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Asset Protection and Marital Trusts in Pennsylvania

June 24, 2013 Estate Planning

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A key legal advantage of marriage is the asset protection marriage affords each spouse. Many married couples don’t even have a will due to their faith in the fact that, should one spouse die, ownership of the couple’s property will pass easily to the surviving spouse.

Many couples, though, are surprised to learn that property protection and property transfer don’t always happen easily or without cost. Because of this, the use of a marital trust may be helpful.

Marital trusts, known also as A trusts, are divided into several iterations, including estate trusts and general powers of appointment. Each offers specific protections and each provides specific advantages regarding:

  • Avoiding delays
  • Avoiding taxes
  • Distributing assets to additional beneficiaries, such as children from the couple’s marriage or children from one or both spouses’ previous marriage(s)

If you have questions regarding marital trusts in Pennsylvania, contact the estate planning and trust attorneys of Barnard, Mezzanotte, Pinnie & Seelaus, LLP in. Our attorneys each have decades of trust law experience, and each is knowledgeable regarding all types of asset protection legal tools, from wills and health care powers of attorney to marital trusts and credit shelter trusts/B trusts.

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